My name is Hugo Kerr. I have earned my living as a veterinarian since 1969, but was active in adult literacy for some 25 years, then at primary level for many more. Like you, probably, I find ‘literacy’ endlessly fascinating; hence the ceaseless study of it. One thing I have discovered: there is an answer to everything. Happily, we don’t always have it, so there remain many rich and fruitful questions we can still enjoy.

My qualifications, in chronological order, are: B Vet Med, Cert Ed (Further Education), BA (education & psychology), MEd (literacy). I have presented at national conferences, and delivered workshops across England – particularly on dyslexia (as a sceptical voice) and on the place of consciousness in the classroom (suggesting we take more care about this). You will find the bones of many such interesting ideas on this website and especially in my book, which is free to download here.

I was born in Trinidad in 1945. My wife, who is Danish, was born in Tanzania not long after. We have two children and one granddaughter.

I love to debate literacy and related stuff. Heat may be generated, on occasion, but so is light, mostly. I hope you will feel free to contact me via the contact page